Monday, January 21, 2013

The Dark Network - for people who live an alternative lifestyle and interested in vampires and the paranormal

I found the a VAMPIRE RAVE website in my endless search for interesting vampire pictures. This is a site for people into the vampire lifestyle. Press on the logo to get there.

"Vampire Rave is the social networking website for vampires and goths. We are a home for real vampires across the globe. If you're looking for a darker gothic or vampire social network, you've found it."

From the above website I followed a link to The Dark Network website. I copied the introduction of the founder/owner for the website below. Press the logo to get there.

"My name is Cancer. I founded the Dark Network and all affiliated websites. I have been an active member of the gothic community since 1994. I have worked since that time to bring dark resources online. My first venture was an Undernet IRC chat room called #vampires back in 1994. In 1999 I launched Vampire Radio. In 2003 I began production on the webzine Acrimony. In 2004 I started Vampire Rave.

The Dark Network grew out of a number of needs that I identified as surrounding the gothic/punk/rivethead/alternative communities. It is an ever-expanding project that will continue throughout my life."
Cancer 's statement speaks for itself. If you are part of the lifestyles described above, and this is a site you should visit. If you cringe at the sight of someone with purple and black hair, it is  imperative for you to visit the site.

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