Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eternal Lovers - A dark poem of vampire lovers by Neil Benson

Eternal Lovers - poem of vampire lovers

  From the moment I awake,
my thoughts are of you.
You took my life,
and made me immortal.

Our lives are entwined,
never to part.
Together in bed,
always so close.

You turn to face me,
and my love pours forth.
When you touch my face,
our loving begins.

Your tender kiss,
a nectar of sweet love.
The caress of my body,
sets me aflame.

Our passion grows greater,
at the press of our breasts.
You touch me deeply,
and I'm open to you.

Your fangs flick lightly,
on my sensitive place.
Only a moment more,
and sweet ecstasy is mine.

Now my turn to pleasure you,

and our love is complete.

In Dark Journeys, short stories and dark poems describe perilous paths taken by mortals, vampires, and other creatures of the night. Dark poems tell of the painful and sometimes fatal relationships between mortals and vampires.If this sounds interesting, and I hope it does, please follow the link and buy the anthology for only $.99.

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