Thursday, February 14, 2013

Count Magnus by M. R. James - free vampire horror story

Count Magnus by M.R. James concerns the investigations into the activities of a Count who was deceased 300 years ago. A little digging turns up more than was expected. In fact, a number of people involved in the excavation succumb to a curious kind of ill health.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Mark of the Beast by Rudyard Kipling

The Mark of the Beast by Rudyard Kipling is a story about what happens in a time and place East of Suez where the veneer of civilization wears very thin. Strange religious ceremonies are held that turn a man into a beast much like a werewolf. A leper proves to be a formidable opponent. Can the narrator help his friend? Read the story and find out.

English: Kipling the British writer
English: Kipling the British writer (Photo credit: 

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Monday, February 11, 2013

My Red-haired Lover A - dark poem of vampire love by Neil Benson

My Red-haired Lover

 Bright red hair caught my eye.
A sly, fey smile drew me in.  Musky fragrance made me reel.
My mind was not my own.
She took my hand in hers,
and led me to her car.
As we drove into the night,
her fingers played with my thigh.
She led me into her home,
and pulled my face to hers.
Cool lips pressed against mine.
Her tongue caressed my mouth.
Hot passion burnt my soul.
She took me to the bedroom.
As her dress fell to the floor,
she pulled me to her breasts.
Soon my clothes were gone.
She stroked me with her hand,
then took me in her mouth.
My body became red hot.
To bed she pulled me down,
and eased me into her.
As ecstasy drove me mad,
her fangs entered my neck.
I cried out in pain and joy.
She whispered you are mine.
I said I was her slave.
Her lover for all time.

  In Dark Journeys, short stories and dark poems describe perilous paths taken by mortals, vampires, and other creatures of the night. Some survive, others do not. Why not join them on their journey through the gates of hell, so to speak.