Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wizard Under Fire a Novella by Neil Benson

I recently completed the last chapter of a first draft for my novella "Wizard under Fire." The story is about a 26 year-old female wizard, Athena Weitz, who works for the Department Of Homeland Security to prevent terrorists, and most especially terrorist wizards, from completing missions in this country. Athena, Tena, is partnered with Ramón Gonzalez, a Special Forces Captain, to form a "Ghost Team." They on the "real deal"  because Tena can create a shield that makes them invisible to the human eye and even radar. The story takes the reader from the time Tena finds out she has the potential to be a wizard to when she and Ramón fight terrorist wizards to prevent them from blowing up chemical tanks that could cause tens of thousands of deaths.

As I polish each chapter, I will post a link to it. My original intent was to write an 80,000 to 90,000-word novel. However, when I reached 60,000 words I realized there were too many "slow" chapters, and I decided to pare the story down to make it tighter and more exciting. This decision became a more viable option when I decided to self-publish on Amazon. Authors self-publishing on Amazon do not have to adhere to word counts required by most paper publishers.

The picture to the left was "borrowed" to show a female wizard with a fireball. I will obtain an original digital picture of Tena throwing her own fireball. I might add that Tena has dark hair, olive hued skin, and is fully dressed.