Monday, April 9, 2012

Frank, deceived by the demon, opens the door and all hell breaks loose.

“Frank, I told you not to unlock the door,” Nessa said.

When the demon turned to face her, she reached inside her pocket and withdrew gold powder she threw at it. The demon put its hands in front of its face and shook its head. Nessa threw more powder at the creature and chanted in Latin. The Huli Jing was unable to move, and smoke came off its body and arms. She threw more powder on the demon while she continued chanting. The demon, covered in the fine gold powder, hunched its shoulders while contracting into a tighter mass. As it did so, the smoke continued to increase.

Nessa pulled a silver dagger out of her coat and stabbed the demon in the chest. It emitted a loud, “Hhhhcccchhh,” sound. Greenish fluid flowed down its chest, but the hole made by the knife closed up.

She stabbed at it again. This time the demon grabbed the end of the dagger, broke it off, and tossed it away. Nessa clenched her fist.

The Huli Jing shook its body. Some of the fine gold powder flew into the air, and smoke coming off it decreased. The demon became brighter and brighter, until it was almost impossible to look at. The creature hissed at Nessa, and she bared her fangs and snarled.

Her knees buckled, and she pulled her cape over her head. The light created by the demon intensified, and Nessa fell backward into what remained of the doorway. The demon struggled to move towards her, hindered by the remaining golden dust on it.