Friday, December 21, 2012

An Authenticated Vampire Story by Franz Hartman - free vampire horror story

An Authenticated Vampire Story by Franz Hartman is about an occulist who sees a picture with moving eyes and has a table move toward him. He also has a strange woman come to his room and try to seduce him. Were these products of an overactive imagination or a very real peril to his life?

from A Problem with Werewolves short story in Dark Journeys

Clouds covered the moon, and I couldn’t see what had caught her attention. A brief shaft of moonlight revealed an enormous, heavily muscled werewolf, close to seven feet tall. When the beast opened its mouth, three-inch-long canines glistened in the light. This was the alpha male whose pack we had just destroyed. Its massive chest and arms made Shaquille O’Neal look slender. As it slowly moved toward Monique, I put the shotgun to my shoulder and closed the distance with the beast.

The werewolf strode to within fifteen feet of Monique when it suddenly changed direction and charged at me. The beast ran so fast I barely had time to pull the triggers. It anticipated my action and pivoted to the side, avoiding both bullets. The werewolf turned and resumed its charge. I grabbed a slug, but I knew I didn’t have time to pull the trigger before it would be on me. I cringed as I awaited its attack. The werewolf was less than three yards from me when it fell forward and hit the ground with a loud thump.

I fired both barrels as the beast lunged at me. The giant figure staggered backward after the slugs entered its chest. It stopped, then took a step in my direction, even though blood flowed freely from two large wounds. I reached for more ammunition, but I had used all the slugs in the bandoleer. The beast took one more step toward me, and I grabbed the end of the barrels........

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Vampire 's Aura - a dark poem by Neil Benson

My Vampire's Aura

My free will is gone;
your aura commands me.

You draw me each night,
to ecstasy and pain.

you show me your beauty,
but I know it's not real.
Your lovely face
masks a soul so dark.

After the pleasure,
you draw my life's blood.
You keep me alive,
you need me no more.

The weaker I become,
the greater your pleasure.
The time is not long,
when you take my life from me.

Your promises are hollow;
I am one of many.
Bodies strewn through time;
discarded like waste.

Tonight will be special.
I have a treat for you.
The bright, silver dagger,
I found in your dresser.

When you take me in your arms,
I will end your undead existence.
My life is spent,
but others will be spared.