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Review of Unholy Embrace by Aymee Bitten by Books

Review of Unholy Embrace by Neil Benson

Posted by Aymee Bitten by Books
Saturday October 16, 2010

Frank Thornton never believed in the supernatural until the night he met Nessa. From that night on, the night she confessed to being a vampire, his life ceased to be simple. Between nights of exotic sex, battles with werewolves, and an epic battle for survival, they learn more and more about one another and findthat true love can cross all barriers.

Despite the fact that both Frank and Nessa are your average kind of characters, the kind that can be found in nearly any vampire novel – he’s the disbeliever, she’s the been-there-seen-that vampiress – they both possess strong character and an intriguing story. Frank is an honest and down-to-earth kind of guy with a protective streak that very well may get him killed before long. He’s willing and practically able to do anything and everything needed to keep her by his side, vampire or not. He’s steadfast and completely, totally smitten with her.

She’s got a history longer than that of the United States and yet she notonly brings Frank home but also decides she wants – and needs – to keep him around for the long term. She can be cold and aloof when she needs to be but,when it comes to Frank, she’s all his. Together, they make a deadly team,fighting werewolves, demons, and a psychotic, spurned vampire that’s been haunting Nessa for centuries. And when they’re alone, they explode with passion and desire so hot they nearly combust.

In today’s world, you never quite know what’s lurking in the shadows. Justask Frank Thornton. He started out as an architect to the rich and quickly went from being happily oblivious to fighting a variety of the denizens of the night.However, just so long as he’s fighting alongside his girlfriend, the vampire Nessa, he’s determined to save the world. Unholy Embrace is an enjoyable story that is sure to engage and satisfy any lover of vampire fiction.