Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Changeling - a poem from Dark Journeys anthology

Poem about a werewolf submitting to the Alpha male.

The Changeling

The full moon rises.
I hear your call.
The change begins.
My hair stand up,
and my breath quickens.

Tendons stretch,
and muscles grow.
Bones expand,
and fleshy yields.

My jaw protrudes,
and fangs appear.
great claws form,
and grip the ground.

A tall, horrid creature arises,
and greets the night with a howl.
Finally, I am whole.

To you I run, swift and sure.
Through grassy fields,
into a dark forest,
up a great mountain,
ever higher I go.
Past the tree line,
and into thin air.

Faster and faster,
my legs carry me forth.
Until you stand above me,
mighty and supreme.
I bare my throat,
and submit to your will.

You sniff my body,
and my passion burns.
Our bodies join and I and complete.