Saturday, March 13, 2010

Undead Embrace - a vampire horror poem by Neil Benson

A dark poem from a mortal to a vampire lover.

Whenever I run,
wherever I hide,
your dark presence finds me.
It fills me with fear.
It fills me with joy.
I try to resist you,
but my will always fails me.
I am drawn back to you,
across distance and time.
Memories of pleasures,
no mortal could imagine.
Feelings of pain,
no mortal could endure.
My resistance is fading,
closer I come.
Your dark Castle in front of me,
where you've lived for all time.
I go to your chamber
to submit to your will.
Your perfect face before me,
a goddess of death.
Your pale white lips
and dark blue eyes
draw me to your netherworld.
Your mind caresses my cheek
and strokes my body
until I am aflame.
Closer you come,
and I show you my neck.
Ecstasy overwhelms me,
with the sharpest of pain.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unholy Embrace a vampire novel by Neil Benson - an excerpt from the novel.

“You're not an overgrown boy or a self-styled stud eager to add me to his sexual trophy case.”
“You can tell that just by looking at me?” 
“That and much more.”
“Okay, tell me what you know.” Her gaze caught mine as I issued the challenge.
“You're an architect in his mid-thirties who would rather be a painter,” she said without hesitation. She leaned back in her chair, steepling her fingers, her bright green eyes studying my every move.
“How do you know that?” Was she a mind reader or something?
“There are traces of light green ocher paint under the nails of your index and middle fingers on your right hand.”
I couldn't see anything, even when I held my nails under a light.
“I have excellent vision, especially at night.” 
“There's nothing there to see,” I said.
“You failed to wash off all the ocher and pale yellow egg tempera paint you used.” She licked her lips.
Nessa had just described the colors I had been working with earlier in the evening. “I don't know how you guessed what I was using, but there's no way anyone could see the paint in this dim light.”
“A vampire could.” She leaned forward, opening her mouth, and showing the tips of sharp pointed fangs.
“Are those real?” I asked in a voice barely a croak. My heart beat faster and the hairs on the nape of my neck stood up.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Psychic Vampires: Psychic Nonsense by Neil Benson

The concept of psychic vampires is not new, but has become a popular item of discussion on Internet vampire sites, as well as among certain segments of the adult population. After reading descriptions of psychic vampires and what constitutes psychic vampirism on over a dozen web sites, I continue to conclude there is no such thing as psychic vampirism, at least in the manner in which it is discussed and described at large.

First, and foremost, no one presents any substantive evidence that psychic vampirism exists. Discussions of people with fatigue, or even chronic fatigue syndrome, and other ailments can easily be explained by psychological and physical processes bearing no relationship to psychic vampirism. Another hole in the psychic vampirism myth is the fact that the description of psychic vampires and psychic vampirism has at best marginal continuity. In a number of instances, the focus of explaining persons who allegedly practice psychic vampirism is on certain personality types who, to borrow an often used phrase, "Suck the energy" out of other people.

I am fully aware that there are people who can "suck the energy" out of other people. I have personally experienced them, and for a number of years, worked for such a person. However these people’s actions can be more easily explained by psychological disturbances well described in the DSM IVR.

Such people usually have significant personality disorders such as narcissism, paranoia, and are frequently psychopaths, or psychopathic to some degree. They are very needy people who seem to suck the oxygen out of the air in a room and make almost everyone who comes into contact with them feel worse for the experience. When they are in positions of power, they are most lethal, and the best way to escape the harm they can cause is to change jobs. However, if one has the necessary grit and assertiveness, such persons can be put in their place and rendered relatively harmless to the person doing so.

The other, more exotic, form of psychic vampirism is related to the taking of energy from another person. The terms prana and chakras are used as if they are proven scientific facts with a host of substantial research and literature to back this up. Such does not exist. While work has been done with Kirlian photography it is far from a precise science, and no one has used it to demonstrate how psychic vampirism works. While I personally believe that psychic energy exists, my readings of Eastern literature convince me there are very few people capable of actually taking the product, electrical energy, or life force from another person. Persons capable of doing this would probably be found in monasteries in Japan and China, various places in India, and high in the Tibetan Himalayas, and not in the mosh pits of night clubs catering to wanna be vampires. While a number of people from Western society have learned what the East has to offer, the people capable of teaching advanced use of drama and energy would have little inclination to harm another person, or teach another person how to do so.

This is far from a full treatise on this subject. But there are many gullible young adults who are all too eager to believe that such exotic things exist. The belief that "real vampires" of any sort to exist among us has existed for a long time. The current popularity of such beliefs will be discussed in a future post. I have been writing vampire and horror short stories for over six years, and have completed a vampire novel. In order to do so I have done much reading about vampires including the interesting books by Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D. None of what I read made me more inclined to believe that "there are real vampires." But it is fun to write about, and sometimes even more fun to talk about.

Monday, March 8, 2010

More Myths about Vampires by Thaddeus Romans fictional vampire authority.

I am currently reading a well-written novel about vampires. I won't mention the name, because I never do reviews of novels. However, I was struck by one thing that bothers me about most depictions of vampires in novels written at the current time. The vampires are always depicted as being handsome, graceful, alluring, almost as pretty as Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the movie Interview with the Vampire.
The truth is that vampires are no more pretty or ugly than mortals. After all, all vampires were once mortal human beings. In the earliest vampire movie, Nosferatu, the vampire is pictured as a hideous creature. Bela Lugosi wasn't particularly good-looking in Dracula. He was suave in a sort of antiquated European model. In the vampire novel, Unholy Embrace, Nessa, the vampiress, is beautiful because that's the way she looked on the day she was turned. In that novel, vampires are large, small, ugly, and in general all the varieties in which humanity exists. The recent creation of the vampire as a beautiful being stems from the psychological need to romanticize this creature. There is nothing romantic about being caught one night by a vampire and having the blood sucked out of you.