Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Haunted House by Edith Nesbitt - Free Ghost Horror Short Story

The Haunted House by Edith Nesbitt is about strange events that are taking place at the Omehurst Rectory in Kent. People are taking ill and do not recover. Desmond, a visitor, soon finds himself in the same situation. What does Desmond's host have in store for his guest when he lead him downstairs?

In Dark Journeys, short stories and dark poems describe perilous paths taken by mortals, vampires, and other creatures of the night. One story is about the surprise that awaits a mortal man when he has a picnic with the Queen of the forest. In A Problem with Werewolves a mortal male and his beautiful female vampire lover battle a pack of werewolves and a hideous demon. Dark poems tell of the painful and sometimes fatal relationships between mortals and vampires.If this sounds interesting, and I hope it does, please follow the link and buy the anthology for only $.99.