Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eternal Lovers - poem of vampire lovers

From the moment I awake,
my thoughts are of you.
You took my life,
and made me immortal.

Our lives are entwined,
never to part.
Together in bed,
always so close.

You turn to face me,
and my love pours forth.
When you touch my face,
our loving begins.

Your tender kiss,
a nectar of sweet love.
The caress of my body,
sets me aflame.

Our passion grows greater,
at the press of our breasts.
You touch me deeply,
and I'm open to you.

Your fangs flick lightly,
on my sensitive place.
Only a moment more,
and sweet ecstasy is mine.

Now my turn to pleasure you,
and our love is complete.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Tomb of Sarah by F.G. Loring - free vampire short story

The Tomb of Sarah by F.G. Loring is a classic vampire story which reminds us that some things, such as killing a vampire, should be done quickly and not put off. As we all know, vampires are nasty creatures and can turn on you when you least expect it.

Unholy Embrace vampire novel by Neil Benson -loving a vampire

Frank, a mortal, thinks heavily on an emotional commitment to his girlfriend, a vampire.

After leaving her apartment, I was walking toward Central Park within five minutes. If I took too long to decide, our relationship would end. Nessa had been lonely for over four hundred years. She made a choice about me, perhaps impulsively, but now I knew how much I meant to her. She would be devastated if I rejected her, and I had no wish to be the cause of such pain. But I also needed to consider the risks involved.

I walked along the outside of the park until I found myself in front of the Museum of Natural History. For all the information it contained, it didn't have displays about creatures the visitors were better off not knowing. Nessa, werewolves, and demons didn't exist in any of the museum's catalogs. However, she was also a woman, one that aroused the strongest feelings I had ever experienced. Should I make a commitment based mostly on feelings? I was always so rational. To go with her was to step into the unknown and far beyond my comfort zone.

When I looked at my watch, I saw five hours remained until dawn. For once in my life I decided to go where my heart led. I walked south until I hailed a cab, and in a few minutes I was back at her apartment. The strong need I felt to be with her contrasted with how I felt two hours ago. Time is not measured in minutes or hours but by the manner in which we experience our lives. When I stood in front of her door, I knew my decision.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Vampire of Coglin Range by Augustus Hare - free vampire short story

The Vampire of Coglin Range by Augustus Hare is

a tale about strange and terrible things that happen

in the night, and even stranger things that people

find in cemeteries .