Friday, April 23, 2010

The Devil's Funeral by Edward Page Mitchell- free horror story

The Devils Funeral by Edward Page Mitchell is a story about the most evil creature of all. There's a twist to this story that the reader might not expect. But then again when dealing with the Devil, all deals are never final. And you thought the Devil was a man.

Unholy Embrace vampire novel by Neil Benson - A Review by Coffee Time Romance


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unholy Embrace by Neil Benson - vampire seduction

Frank finds out what alpha female means with a vampire ******

“May I look through your library?” she asked, examining my bookcases.

“Sure.” I was uneasy with her tendency to ask permission after the fact.

She looked at the titles for several minutes then pulled out Dr. Bova’s book on immortality and extending life. “Immortal life holds a fascination for you,” she said. “You’ll find living a long time doesn’t bring the answers to the questions you seek.”

“Am I to assume you know that from personal experience?”

She put her finger under my chin and kissed me on the lips. “I’ve seen the passing of more seasons then you could ever imagine. Perhaps, if I like you, I’ll tell you about them.”

“That would be interesting.” I'm being seduced by a vampire. Am I out of my freaking mind?

“Hush,” Nessa said, as if she could hear my thoughts. She brushed my cheek with her fingertips, pressed her lips to mine, and parted them with her tongue.

“Come.” She led me to my bedroom

Before Twilight: 14 Greatest Vampire Stories of All Time

On her blog, Nicole Adams presents a list of what she considers to be the 14 greatest vampire stories of all time. The list is well thought out, concise, and gives it an introductory reader a good place toenter into the world of the vampire novel.

It is no surprise that the original Dracula, by Bram Stoker, is at the top of her list. Dracula defines the vampire in modern literature. New novels have re-created the creature of the night, but it is best to start at the beginning.

She writes her list in the shadow, so to speak, of the overwhelming popularity of the Twilight series. She says "  If you still can’t get enough Twilight, you’re in luck. Fans can click here to get a massive fan site. It has discussion forums, the Imprint podcast, a caption contest, and much more.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Unholy Embrace vampire novel by Neil Benson- an offer he can refuse

Nessa makes Frank and offer he can refuse. ***********************

“If you love me, I can offer you a way to spend eternity with me. You would be a formidable foe for anyone.”

I blinked, digesting what she had just said. She was playing to my fascination with eternal life. I turned and walked to the living room window, watching the city below, wondering what it would be like to see the centuries go by and witness a future I wouldn't naturally know. Closing my eyes, I imagined the world to come, where we would always be together. But I would never give up my humanity to become a vampire. I walked back to Nessa and took her hands in mine

“I need to think about what you offered. Too much has happened in one evening for me to make such a quick decision.” What I didn't say was that I needed more time to consider what it meant to commit myself to a vampire. I couldn't base my decision solely on my passion for her.

Nessa watched me, looking for cues to my emotions I hadn't expressed. “Our feelings for each other are real, but I understand what you are telling me. Do what you must.” Her mouth closed and her eyes turned downward.

After leaving her apartment, I was outside walking toward Central Park within five minutes. If I took too long to decide, our relationship would end. Nessa had been lonely for over four hundred years. She made a choice about me, perhaps impulsively, but now I knew how much I meant to her. She would be devastated if I rejected her, and I had no wish to be the cause of such pain. But I also needed to consider the risks involved.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Unholy Embrace vampire novel by Neil Benson - waiting for her mortal lover

Nessa waiting for Frank to return to her. A vampire has eternal life, but waiting during the most important times can be excruciating *************************.

I hoped, under the right circumstances, I could explain to Frank that even though I was a vampire, he had never been, nor would he ever be, in any danger from me. If I have learned anything in over four hundred years, it's that life rarely works out as we would like it to, but rather in random, unpredictable ways we neither want nor expect. It's at those moments, we must be flexible and adapt, or watch our hopes and dreams evaporate before our eyes.

The argument between us over the circumstances of our coming together was pointless. Although I manipulated him to some degree, it was unfair for him to blame everything on me. I tapped into a sexual side of him with which he had not been in contact. Although not shy, there is a cautious and, at times, distrustful side to him. He not only let go of his inhibitions with me, but he got in touch with levels of passion he had never experienced before.

It would have been simpler for me, and for us, if Frank had accepted my offer of immortality. But did I want to condemn Frank to an eternal life living at the fringe of humanity, living only at night, never seeing the colors of the world during daylight? I knew he would be tempted to accept my offer based on the books he had in his apartment. But I couldn't be sure, and I didn't want him to make that choice. I fell in love with a mortal man, not with another vampire. The qualities I loved and admired such as his honesty, tenderness, and his passion for life were based on his humanity.