Sunday, December 18, 2011

The vampiress Nessa Harcanu invites you to her open house.

I am Nessa Harcanu, a four hundred year-old vampire. Men and women have been telling me that I am beautiful for more years than any of you have been alive. I invite you to visit me at my home, where my biographer, Neil Benson, will read some chapters from my biography. The reception begins at 9 PM, after the sun sets. If you need to arrive early, my mortal lover Frank will attend to your needs.
The first three chapters of my biography will be given to everyone attends my open house reception. This will give you a small taste about my fascinating existence. To learn the whole story, you must of course purchase the book. Fine wine and giant prawns will be served for mortals and vintage blood will be available the undead.
If you aren't able to attend, you can read the first three chapters by following the link below.
I was quite annoyed when my biographer told me he would publish my biography as a novel. However, he convinced me that no one would believe some of the events that are contained in the book.
You can purchase a copy of my biography at the following establishments. My biographer, Neil Benson, reminded me to tell you that Amazon sells only one kind of digital version, while Smashwords offers the buyer different digital alternatives. My biographer wants to sell as many copies as possible. I am indifferent to how you buy the book. I am a millionaire many times over. To learn how I gained my riches you will need to read my biography.

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