Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unholy Embrace a ovel by Neil Benson - a female vampire kills two werewolves

A mortal man watches his beautiful female vampire lover kill two werewolves.

. I heard a shrill howl that made my neck hairs stand. Nessa pushed me behind her and turned to face the alleyway. A dark, hairy body raced at her, emitting a growling sound I had heard only in horror movies.

Nessa ducked, put her hands under the creature, and flipped it headfirst into a dark blue delivery truck. A second, dark hairy body emerged from the alleyway, growling as it displayed three-inch incisors glistening with saliva. When the second creature tried to bite Nessa, she grabbed its throat and snapped its head backward. She snarled, sank her fangs into the creature's neck, and ripped through an artery, killing it instantly.

The first creature rose and started to charge Nessa when I moved to tackle it.

“No,” Nessa yelled, putting herself between the creature and me. It swiped a hairy paw at her head, but she ducked, spun about, and grabbed its throat from behind. With a squeeze of her hands, I heard bones cracking. When she let go the creature, it fell to the ground.

Nessa looked around us for several minutes, sniffing the air with her eyes closed.

“Any more of them?” I asked. “Whatever they are.”

“I don’t smell or hear anything for several blocks,” she replied. “You just had your first opportunity to see werewolves in action.” Nessa glanced at the creatures she had killed.

“They weren't in action for long.” I examined the paws of the nearest werewolf. Five inch-long claws, tapering from one inch around at the base to a razor-sharp tip, were lethal weapons.

Unholy Embrace  is a swift paced, action-packed novel about the relationship between a mortal man and his immortal female vampire lover as they fight werewolves, vampires, and other creatures in their effort to kill a soul eating demon.

If this sounds interesting, and I hope it does, please follow the link and read the reviews on Amazon.

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