Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Undead Embrace - a vampire horror poem by Neil Benson

A dark poem from a mortal to a vampire lover.

Whenever I run,
wherever I hide,
your dark presence finds me.
It fills me with fear.
It fills me with joy.
I try to resist you,
but my will always fails me.
I am drawn back to you,
across distance and time.
Memories of pleasures,
no mortal could imagine.
Feelings of pain,
no mortal could endure.
My resistance is fading,
closer I come.
Your dark Castle in front of me,
where you've lived for all time.
I go to your chamber
to submit to your will.
Your perfect face before me,
a goddess of death.
Your pale white lips
and dark blue eyes
draw me to your netherworld.
Your mind caresses my cheek
and strokes my body
until I am aflame.
Closer you come,
and I show you my neck.
Ecstasy overwhelms me,
with the sharpest of pain.

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