Monday, January 23, 2012

Unholy Embrace vampire novel - attacked by a white werewolf

The description of my fight with a female white werewolf in Neil Benson's pseudo-novel is largely accurate. She appeared to be some kind of mutation enables her to shift from human form the werewolf form and back again within a matter of minutes.

Nessa Harcanu

When I turned around, a tall, muscular, blond haired young woman stood between me and the door. Her large hands held a six-foot long round metal pipe with both ends capped by pieces of finely sharpened steel. Silver coated the last few inches on the tips. She had a feral look on her fine featured face. The way she held the pipe, and balanced on the balls of her feet, indicated her training as a martial artist. 
Nohuman, however skilled in the martial arts, could hope to take on a vampire, even when armed with a lethal weapon. When I examined her more closely, I saw the heavy covering of fine blonde hairs on her arms. She was a werewolf, requiring me to be more careful in fighting her.
When I took a step forward, she jabbed at me with the pipe, but not with the intent of stabbing me, but rather to test my reaction. I took another step, which gave her a chance to pierce my heart with the point of the pole. She jabbed at me, but before it reached my body, I grabbed it with both hands and snapped it towards the ceiling. She responded by snapping downwards on the pipe, breaking it in half. This caught me by surprise. The force of my own momentum carried my half of the pipe into the ceiling, almost jarring it from my hands leaving me defenseless for a moment...

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