Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mortal Lovers af Vampires - Thaddeus Romans fictional vampire authority

“The male mortal lover of a female vampire undergoes a great deal of difficulty in accepting her true nature. This takes time for the mortal male, and patience by the female vampire."
                                                            In The Vampires among Us by Thaddeus Romans

When the mortal male wakes up in the skilled loving arms of a female vampire, he is frequently in the state of bliss that can last for weeks. The man looks at his female vampire lover and sees only the exterior, which is no different from mortals. Even if they play some "bite" gains in the bedroom, the mortal male continues to see what he wants to see. However, if the female is threatened, then a change takes place which is horrifying for most men to see. This is exactly what happened in the novel, Unholy Embrace, when the protagonist sees his beautiful lover turn into a deadly vampire.

First three chapters.

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