Friday, March 5, 2010

The Truth about Succubi - by Thaddeus Romans

“Succubi are sly creatures who survive by draining the biological essence from men. They seduce their victims by fulfilling their innermost sexual fantasies.”
In The Vampires among Us by Thaddeus Romans
The notion of succubi walking among us, holding jobs, and being members of society is completely ludicrous. There are demons of the night that seduce men and drain their energy from them. No one can be sure about the appearance of succubi because they can make themselves look like anything they want. They prey on men that are overpowered by their sexual longings. Succubi can sniff them out in a manner that is not fully understood. A few men make unholy pacts and find the woman of their dreams is their nightmare of their life. Succubi do not usually kill the men they seduce, but leave them in a weakened condition. While most men will recover their strength over a period of many months, some spend their life in a permanently weakened condition. However, anger a succubus and you have signed your death warrant. In Neil Benson's vampire novel, Unholy Embrace, Nessa, the vampiress spots a succubus at a party. Vampires have the ability to see and even feel the presence of demons. The succubus in this novel flees from the more powerful creature.

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