Friday, February 26, 2010

Unholy Embrace a vampire novel - vampires versus werewolves.

In writing Unholy Embrace, I made battles between the protagonists, Nessa and Frank, and werewolves a significant part of the plot. The question whether a vampire or werewolf would prevail in a fight is not an infrequently discussed topic. In one sense, it's a unanswerable question because we're talking about two mythical creatures. However, when people write and read about vampires and werewolves the issue takes on more meaning. For the purposes of discussion, my money is on the vampire defeating the werewolf. Why? Strength and razor sharp teeth are on the side of the werewolf, but the vampire brings cunning and patience to the battle. The werewolf in its animal form is bound by its animal nature and more likely to fight out of instinct, leaving it prey to counterattack by the vampire. In my novel, there is a seven-foot tall three hundred fifty pound alpha-male werewolf. This monstrous creature is a "game changer" and it is questionable whether a vampire could defeat such a creature. If you are more interested in finding out what I think, read my novel.  Link to first three chapters below.

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