Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Vampires Survive among Us- Thaddeus Romans fictional vampire expert

“Undead vampires are real and travel among us despite what most people believe. These vampires survive by their stealth and cunning as well as our disbelief.”  
In The Vampires among Us by Thaddeus Romans.
The recent trend to believe in vampires among segments of the population, is a new event. Throughout history, people who believed in vampires were ridiculed. Because people didn't believe they existed, vampires were able to move through mortal society using our sense of disbelief against us. Bram Stoker's novel was viewed by most as Victorian melodrama. Even the advent of the vampire films did little to change society's belief in the existence of vampires. Even today, the so-called educated, and sophisticated people do not believe in vampires. They run a grave risk because of their ignorance.

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