Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sacred Circle - a dark poem about a witch chased by demons

Sacred Circle

A woman dressed in white runs swiftly through the forest. Closely behind, dark, monstrous demons growl as they chase her. The demons knock down trees that are in their way. When she turns to look, she sees red eyes glaring with evil. Finally, she comes to a clearing and sits down.

I call to the goddess,
to hear my prayer.
My life is threatened,
by demons most evil.

I sit on the earth,
and create a circle.
The lines are drawn,
and the blessings said.

Dark creatures draw near.
Soon I am surrounded.
Goddess, protect me now.
The demons draw closer.

Clouds form and thunder booms.
Lightning flashes across the sky.
Dark shapes reach for me.
My death is near.

Lightning hits the earth,
and a demon disappears.
More and more lightning,
until they are all gone.
I thank the goddess,
for saving my life.
Within her circle,
I will always stay.

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